I’m REAL big in Morocco

Ever wonder about the OK Cupid “likes” and Plenty of Fish “meet mes”? Me too.

In my online dating career I’ve been an avid believer in not paying to find love, which means I never see those people that so-call “like me”. I figure if they really do think I’m great, they’ll send me a message. For quite some time, I was willing to live in blissful ignorance, taking whatever the universe sent my way.

During this latest stint, however, two months of almost nothing but “hello” was getting this gal was curious. I talked with a friend who has a membership with OKC about the benefits. He gets to browse without the non-payers seeing him, has more inbox space, gets to search by looks, personality, and questions, and gets to see who “likes” him.

That still wasn’t enough to sell me on dishing out my hard earned money.

What was enough to sell me? A few days later, when OKC announced that 257 new people had liked me. 257!!!

And not one new message!?!?! That was it! I yanked out the credit card to see who these men were that were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO enamored with me, but too scared to write.

Great Britain? Germany? Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Latvia, Morocco, Egypt, South Korea, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Trinidad and Tobago…

What am I the Olympics?

Yeah, sure, there were men around me, the state, even the country, but the world? Gah, just one continent short!!!

I suppose I should take it as a compliment. You know… such a diverse group of men that think I’m neat-o.


And I guess I understand now why they aren’t emailing me…


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