The Walmart of Online Dating

The People of Walmart is an amazing site dedicated to secretly taken images of the sometimes strange, wild and wonderful patronage of the mega-store. They are dressed in costumes or ill-fitted clothes, maybe even having forgotten their pants at home, these are the people you shake your head at and silently pray that you never EVER look like that.*

If there was an equivalent dating site to Wally World, it would be Plenty of Fish**.

I’ve used several online dating sites in my couple of years trolling for love… OKCupid, Tinder, Bumble, the free version of (remember I’m cheap), but POF is the bottom of the barrel.

Here are some of my observations and opinions:

  • POF is a warning to children about what happens if they don’t stay in school.
  • You can’t limit the age range (unless you pay), so you run across a lot of people that are too young and make you feel like a creeper, or too old and make you want to call the police for creeping on you.
  • People can’t seem to spell the cities they live in like “Pot Arthur” and “Corpus Christie”.
  • People haven’t figured out how to rotate the pictures they upload… so they are sideways.
  • Most of the pictures are bathroom and car selfies, being sideways does not improve them.
  • There are people I would not want to be found with in a dark alley.

Admittedly, I have gone out with people from POF. One of these, appeared to be semi-interesting: he was in to scuba diving, and while his body type was listed as average, his pictures indicated he was a little on the chubby side – excellent considering I’m no skinny Minnie!!!

Meeting him in person was really strange. He was super skinny… like he’d changed his whole diet to iceberg lettuce and celery. I remember wondering if he didn’t supplement that diet with hard drugs, as he was also sort of tweak-y.

I’m sure some of that is nerves, as meeting new people can be anxiety inducing

He had a weird shark tattoo, talked about his mom never loved him, and he had a weird mid-western accent for even though he’s from New Mexico.

Needless to say, I let that account go.


*I’m pretty sure I have. I’m pretty sure I have on the regular.

**I wish I had coined POF the “Walmart of Online Dating”, but I didn’t. My friend David did. He plans to buy it someday and market it with “Because some people can’t afford to shop anywhere else.”


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