The 94%

Something rare has occurred! No, I have not located a unicorned Pegasus. I have a local match that is over 90% on OkCupid! In fact, I have three!!!

What’s so great about that, you might ask. Well, until recently all my high level matches were two hours away; I’ve only ever been pen pals with my above average matches.

What’s all this match percentage nonsense, you may question. To get those percentages, OKC has questions you can answer, and then put weight on the answers. For instance, “Do you think homosexuality is a sin?” You can answer this question with a yes or a no for yourself, yes or no for what you want your partner to mark on their end, and weigh the question a little, somewhat, or a lot. They take all this data and feeds it into an algorithm that supposedly predicts how well you and other members would get along.

As I live in a small city that tends to have a more right leaning mentality than myself, it’s hard to find matches above 80%. And now I have three!!!

They might not be as impressed with me as I am with them though. I’ve written to two out of three of my A+ candidates and only one has written back to me. The responder briefly answered a question I posed about books and then… silence.

I’ve mentioned this oddity of being so well matched and not getting much response to one of my long distance matches. He said he’d met some of the high matches, and usually anyone over 90% wasn’t that great.

I’d still like to judge for myself.

Sooo… until Mr. 94% decides I’m as cool as he is (at least 94%), I’ll keep scouring the dating sites for lesser matches.


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