The Proverbial Well is Dry

I realize I have only been doing this online thing for a few months, but oh my god… I haven’t gotten asked out once*.

Some guy will be chatting me up, and asks me about my weekend plans. I’ll tell them, dropping in my free time (assuming they are wanting to ask me out)… and then I don’t hear from them until Monday morning.

Sometimes it will seem like they are heading the conversation towards asking me out and then… nada, zip, zilch.

I’m not opposed to asking myself, but I’m getting indifferent responses.

Because of this I decided to broaden my horizons from just OkCupid, I started by joining Tinder. Within 24 hours I deleted Tinder. Then a couple days later I joined again. Then I deleted it. Then a month later I joined.

I realize this is weird behavior, but I was indecisive about whether this was the platform for me. I also joined and deleted Bumble. Twice. I’m pretty sure neither Tinder nor Bumble is for me.

Then I said “what the hey”, and rejoined Plenty of Fish**. Gasp!!!

I’m just ready to get back in to the dating and social world. I’m ready for new experiences and learning new things. I’m ready to put the past in the past…

I just had one problem. The men on the dating sites seemed to be as indecisive about dating as I was about which sites to be on. Indifference seemed to cross all the sites equally.

Maybe it’s just not the time of year for romance?



*Well… technically this isn’t true. I’ve been solicited for sex three times. One of those men asked if he could come over to cuddle after one phone conversation; he then later texted me to ask for a slightly more appropriate lunch date. It didn’t happen, because I’m trying to respect myself and stuff.

**You can read about my feeling on POF here.


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