I’m actually a Leo

Potential Suitor (PS): Hi

PS: [two weeks later] What are you doing tonight?

PS: [two months later] Let’s meet for drinks and see howhat* it goes

Me: [after reviewing his profile and answers to compatibility questions] Well, I see that you think homosexuality is a sin. Why is that?

PS: I am a Christian, and it is written in the bible that it is.

PS: So is sleeping with someone before you Mary them, I’m guilty of that and a lot of others so I don’t judge anyone

PS: It’s not my place

PS: You must be another libra

Me: Your profile also suggests you don’t believe evolution should be taught in school. Is this true?

PS: Yes, because of separation of church and state. That should include all religions, not just Christianity. The theory of evolution, is also a religious belief

PS: Should demon worship be taught in schools, how about vudu, or witch craft?

PS: Those are religions too

Me: I’m sorry, evolution is scientific fact.

PS: The truth is, no one knows exactly how the world came about, then only way to know is if someone was actually there

PS: Evolution has not been proven a scientific fact.

PS: http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/evolution-fact.html

Me: Do you believe in creationism?

PS: Yes

PS: You know what, if I wanted to have a conversation about religion, I would go hang out with a priest. I just wanted to know if you wanted to meet somewhere and relax and enjoy a pleasant conversation.
Now I know you are a libra, they all have the qualities that repel a guy like me.

PS: Good luck in your quest

Me: I’m actually a Leo.



*This is an actual conversation that took place. I’ve not corrected his spelling or punctuation; he doesn’t deserve that for hating on Libras.


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