Mystery of Whovian Proportions

Guess Who is back? If I’m not wearing my contacts, I might be asking for an autograph… That’s right folks! The guy who faintly resembles a Tardis stealing alien.

This isn’t the first time he’s been back though! No siree-bob! He has an M.O. now: he looks at my profile, likes it, and then deletes his profile. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, and that he does this with at least 200* other girls.

The last time he appeared, I joked with my friends that Doctor Who was creeping on me again. “That guy?” with an air of exasperation was the overwhelming response.

The disappearing act had me intrigued and I thought about writing to him… Then he vanished again.

Now he’s back.

What the heck? It’s like he’s got a split personality and Side A thinks online dating is a good thing, but Side B wants to hide in a hole… or maybe he really is a Time Lord and his dating profile disappears every time he’s in the time vortex?!?!?!?!

A part of me wants to know the story now. The other part of me thinks it’s best to leave this mystery to Scooby and the Gang.



*That’s a rough quess-timate.


6 thoughts on “Mystery of Whovian Proportions

  1. kellykma says:

    I wish someone would read your blog that knows someone who knows someone that knows someone who personally knows Dr. Who Guy. Then somewhere down the line that acquaintance could report to you what is up with this dude. I guess otherwise, we’ll have to continue wondering if he’s going on regular adventures through space and time…

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  2. holmr says:

    Believe me, I have plenty of creepers. There’s a dude with crazy eyes on OKC that has at least three profiles, all of which have liked me.

    If your eyes were dilated, he might look like David Tennant. Interestingly enough, when I first started my foray into online dating, I went out with a guy who could possibly resemble Christopher Eccleston if you were wearing beer googles.

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