Nuts & Dates

I went on a date!

First, here’s a summary of the wild roller coaster ride I had a little over a month ago leading up to the said date. I had two different dates scheduled in one week and then both cancelled on me. One of them rescheduled for the next week, but cancelled again*.

There was a bunch of stuff going on in town the week of my second date (which you now know was cancelled), and I told one of the options (beer tasting) to a third guy I had started talking to. That event was actually on the day of my date (Tuesday), so I told him I wasn’t going, but as he was newish to town thought he might be interested. My date got cancelled, so I went to beer tasting, but Third Guy ended up not showing up.

Got all that?

Third Guy said he was sorry he missed the awesome time had at beer tasting, and wanted to know when the next event was. It was two days later on a Thursday. I had made arrangements to go with a friend, but said he could join us**.

He showed. We had fun. My friend approved.

Third Guy and I kept up a steady stream of texts, and made plans for a free concert on that Saturday. I had a good time despite some red flags***.

Did I mention Third Guy was a 90%? A mythical 90%er!

Then Third Guy stopped texting. I was confused and hurt; nobody likes to be ghosted. I decided, after consulting with a bajillion friends, that I should be upfront. I told him I thought he was neat-o and I wanted to get to know him better, but was starting to feel that feelings weren’t reciprocal.

His reply was that things were crazy, but should let up in the next week or so. That wasn’t really the answer I was looking for; I wanted a clear yes or no.

Since then we’ve talked on the phone a few times, and we even went on a walk (which ended up being way longer than planned). I clearly liked him, and he wasn’t clear at all.

I have done battle with myself quite a few times. I feel like a dingus love struck teenager around him, and I haven’t felt that way in a long time. I kind of like the feeling, but he’s not interested nor is he good for me****.

The only solution is to go cold turkey! I’m washing “that man right out of my hair” (which looks incredible right now), and I’m on day three of cutting out contact. He’s kind of like a weird addiction, and I need to find some bubblegum to kick that nicotine habit.

Any suggestions on new hobbies? I’m considering taking up whittling…

*They were reasonable excuses for cancelling, but I was starting to get a weird vibe from this guy.

**I’m not going to miss out on fun if a guy decides to be wishy-washy.

***I’m guessing they’d be more like lighthouse warning signals to anyone else who wasn’t blinded by the fact that he was a 90% match… Yes, I bagged me a liger and wasn’t going to let a few little rocks prevent me from sailing this aquamarine dream.

****He has serious issues*** (why yes, this is referring you to the footnote above).


3 thoughts on “Nuts & Dates

    • trtlgrrrl says:

      Conspiracy theorist, more than a recreational marijuana user, and his main source of income was internet gambling.

      In my defense, we had some good talks and he was easy on the eyes.


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