Me and My Ethics

I’ve been pondering something for a while… and I guess I should say this isn’t going to be a funny post.

I saw the most beautiful man on OkCupid. I normally prefer someone darker, but this guy, with his golden curls and big blue eyes, just seemed to have something otherworldly about him. Slender and tall, he had one particular picture that showed off his fair freckled skin. Normally this type of shirtless photo would put me off, but I screen shot it* because I knew he wouldn’t be on online dating for long.

He had other more tasteful pictures too. There were a couple of very endearing pictures of him holding a child that I’m sure will grow up to be equally as good looking as his father, and some boring party shots (including one with a woman that could have easily been a girlfriend).

He was also pretty high up there on the match scale, and you know how ga-ga I go for the 90 percenters. I wrote him a dorky email, which he never replied to.

I know I’m not this goddess that compels men to write me back, but something about his profile, his lack of response, and his unnatural beauty made me start to question his actual existence**.

So I Google imaged him***.

I got a few hits, and I knew something was up. I clicked a link which took me to a Twitter account and a retweet with that heavenly image, and the most horrible message ever.

He was a rapist.

The woman in the original tweet posted his shirtless picture and a warning to all the women located in a certain area that her rapist was on Tinder again.

I felt sick.

I screen shot that jerk. I went all gaga over how pretty he was, and how he probably was an amazing dad.

Even worse? I felt like a traitor to the women this man had victimized. I also felt like a traitor to the women that I personally know that have been assaulted.

I kind of wanted to report his image and spread the word… The thing is, I don’t have any proof. I, in no way, shape, or form want to say this woman is not telling the truth 100%. However, I could not find a link with any information.

On the very slight chance that this man could be innocent, I will not post his image or any details. Why won’t I? Because we live in a world where people post false information and lies all the time. They call them “alternative facts” and people take them as gospel. I will not post his name**** or username, which actually could be construed as a synonym for rape.

Instead, I just kind of have to live with this gross secret.



*Yes, I’m that weird and desperate. Please don’t tell anyone.

**Existence being within 500 miles of me, as well as not being some sort of male model.

*** For those of you who don’t know, that’s when you copy an image link into Google Images and run a search. It usually is done to find scammers or other links to prove or disprove the authenticity of an image.

**** I found him on Goodreads. I’ve got a partial name.


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