What’s the dilly with your profile?

So I go asked out, and the guy was like “we’ll work out the details later”. Then he deleted his profile. No big deal. People find other people, things come up, whatever.

A couple weeks later, the same guy opens another profile. That’s weird.

Wash, rinse, repeat. That’s even weirder.

He asked me out again, and my response was “are you going to delete your profile again”. I find it kind of shifty that he’s deleted his profile two or three times in the space of a month.

I know why I delete and re-add my profile*, but what’s the deal with everyone else doing it?

This dude’s response was sort of along the lines of he got bored, that it was the same old same old, and that it was tedious. I hear that, but I also feel like he’s what he’s saying is a reflection on me**.

This isn’t an isolated case.

I went out with a guy, and then he deleted his pictures***. Huh? What if I forget what you look like? What if I need to show my roommate so if I disappear, she’ll be able to describe you?

Or what about the guys that change up your profile while chatting you up? Honestly, I just take that one as a sign they aren’t interested at all.

Anyway, all three of these types are a little suspect to me. That said, I still might go out with picture deleting guy again. He was pretty funny.



*I find Tinder sketchy as hell, but occasionally I have a lapse of judgement and signup.

**I said FEEL. I know it’s really a reflection on him.

***Maybe he was feeling confident that he could shut down his profile since we’d gone out once?


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