Exes and Ohs!

First off, let me apologize for me sparse posts over the last few weeks. I’m in grad school now, and it’s been taking a lot more out of me than I anticipated. I also jumped in last minute as an replacement in a V-Day production.

Now on to the weird past few days…

I ran into my most immediate ex a few weeks ago, he was leaving a building as I was entering. I greeted him like someone who I was surprised to see “Hi!”, and he in return mumbled “Hello” and fled. I felt like that was kind of weird, but not out of character for him. It had started out as an amicable breakup, but turned painful for me the minute I found out he had moved on quickly (possibly even before we were broken up).

Fast forward to this past weekend when my phone started going berserk. First, it added a whole bunch of contacts I didn’t intend it too (I did power it up with a new computer though). Second, I thought I was just a klutz when it randomly opened up and sent my boss and a coworker a bad hair selfie. I mean, who hasn’t butt dialed someone? I decided my phone had some sort of malicious app or software on it when it decided to FaceTime my aforementioned ex, whose number had been deleted when clearing out all the randomly added numbers.

I was advised to go to the store I got my phone from and ask them to back up my contacts and photos, and then reset the whole phone… but of course, I was talked in to the latest version of the phone.

I get my phone home and start reimporting all the important apps (OkCupid and Plenty of Fish) when I realize my old phone has gotten a new message from OKC. I power that sucker down (because no one wants an uncomfortable FaceTime call again – FYI, he didn’t answer), and check the OKC message on my shiny new phone.

It was from a completely different ex.

Seriously, Universe?!?!? I can’t get the guy who I’ve been chatting with for a month and a half to actually call me, but you send me an ex? I can’t get the guy I went out with and meshed with to come to see me in a play, but you have my phone FaceTime an ex?

What’s your damage, Universe?*


*That’s a Heathers reference all you young’uns.


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