I’m special. So special.

I’m about to disclose some highly top secret information. I’m a moderator for OkCupid. That means I’m kind of a big deal… Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

In all seriousness, after being on the site for several months I got an email saying that because I kept it so classy, I’d been granted moderation privileges. I figured this was because I’d been steadily talking with a variety of people, and I’d reported one or two inappropriate pictures.

I was super geeked.

I sort of imagined myself as some sort of online dating super hero! I was going to keep all the scammers at bay, I was going to delete all dick pics, and enforce the whole “must have an actual picture of yourself” so I didn’t have to look at any more stupid life affirming quotes*.

I learned pretty quickly that it wasn’t that fun. It was mostly images of sunsets (delete), or puppies** (delete), and lots of pictures of women that were just a tad too attractive***. I found myself Google Image searching soooooooooooo many women, and I just wanted to look at men.

Moderation quickly lost it’s charm.

I still do it from time to time when I’m super bored, but not with the same determination of a crime fighter super hero keeping the folks that gave online dating a bad name off OKC.

My one pet peeve though? Every time I report someone’s sexist meme or bad photo, OKC asks me if I want to be a moderator. It’s like I’m not even special!



*I don’t have anything against life affirmation, just keep it off a dating site.

**I felt bad deleting dog photos. I always wrote a note on my deletion about how cute the puppy was. I know I’m a dork.

***Clue #1 to a fake profile is a person that is way too good looking. You know what I mean. The Beyonces and Beckhams of the world aren’t online dating.


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