Bumbling Towards Ecstasy

How to describe the Bumble app? Bumble is supposed to be the empowered female’s Tinder, I guess. You know, swiping right to match, but the woman must initiate the conversation*. That’s to help cut down on the amount of unwanted male attention** females get.

Only men don’t seem to have caught on to the idea of JUST swiping the women they like. I’ve found that a lot of men seem to swipe right as a confidence lifter and ego boost. Many times I’ve swiped to the right only to find my matches disappear within hours.

When they do stick around long enough for me to decide to message them, my matches rarely write back. It’s like I’m a benched player, but if I try to get on the field too soon, the coach is going to cut me.

Suck it, Coach. I’m going to play for another team… that sounded better when I first thought of it.

Honestly, how are we supposed to find “love in the digital age” when people are skewing the algorithm? If you don’t plan on talking to me, for Pete’s sake, just swipe left.

Anyway, just like with Tinder, I tend to think Bumble isn’t for me. I’ve added it and deleted it a couple of times. It’s only causing me aggravation, like that bee that tries to fly in your drink at the Renaissance Festival or that desk that I kept walking into.

I’m moving on.



*That’s really not mind-blowingly progressive to me, since I think I do a lot of the conversation starting.

**Can same sex couples use Bumble?


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